Providence Christian Academy Rhetoric School

  We held a special association meeting early 2021 to consider the continuation of Providence into the 9th grade, with the idea of furthering this into a rhetoric school for the fall of 2021. The association voted favorably and we started to work.  

  We started that meeting with enough information to know what we needed to start a school. As soon as the motion was approved we started work on completing those goals.  The Lord did not see fit that we would accomplish those tasks this year.  While we were able to get a location, choose a lot of the curriculum, and get schedules set, finding a teacher was a more difficult task.  We were not able to find a teacher who would be able to do the tasks of teaching and helping us get a rhetoric school off the ground. 

   This doesn’t mean however that the school will not come to fruition.  We will start construction in the suite next door and target our opening for the fall of 2022 if the Lord sees fit. 

   We ask that you continue to pray that God would provide for us for our staffing needs. If there are any questions please contact the secretary by emailing