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Who are we?


Confessionally Christian

Providence Christian Academy, located in Dyer, IN, is a parent-organized Christian Elementary school founded in 2009. Providence instructs students from a biblical perspective, teaching them to exalt Christ in all aspects of knowledge and learning. Providence is committed to the doctrines of the Christian faith as expressed in the ecumenical creeds and historic Reformed Confessions.

Classically Oriented

Providence Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) and employs a classical curriculum and methodology of learning.  A classical Christian curriculum features the integration of subject matters from a biblical perspective, the study of traditional liberal arts, the use of primary texts, an emphasis on the great cultural works of western civilization, and language study, including Latin.  In its methods, classical Christian education seeks to tailor instruction to the natural inclinations of children at different stages of their development to maximize learning.

Committed to Service

Providence Christian Academy is committed to:

  • Nurturing students in knowledge and practice of Christian wisdom as they study God's creation through the lens of God's word.

  • Equipping students to use their God-given abilities to serve God and neighbor with excellence.

  • Consecrating all of life and learning to God's glory.

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