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Lands' End


Providence is now using Lands' End as the school uniform provider for Providence-branded apparel such as uniform shirts and PE shirts.  Providence's Preferred School Number at Lands' End is: 900190802.


Spirit wear is not part of the school uniform but can be worn outside of school to show support for our school.  Providence spirit wear is available at Lands' End and can be purchased not only by students, but also by parents and PCA supporters. 


Note: for all PCA logo items, there is an additional $5.95 logo application fee.  


Begin shopping by clicking here.


If you would like direct assistance, please call 1-800-469-2222 and reference our Preferred School Number.  Land's End consultants are available 24/7 to answer questions and help place a school uniform order.

All students must dress in a manner that is consistent with Christian principles and suitable to an academic setting. Decency and modesty are required in the clothes that are worn. Although parents are primarily responsible for the dress of their individual children, the school reserves the right to determine dress standards in the school and at school functions.


We believe that our school can and should be distinguished by the dress of its students. Extremes of clothing or grooming to gain undue attention or to challenge the accepted standards of the school will not be tolerated.


Boys are required to wear khaki-style pants or shorts with a collared shirt, either a polo or button down style with sleeves.

Girls are required to wear khaki-style pants, dresses, modest skirts, skorts, shorts, or jumpers with a polo shirt or modest, collared blouse with sleeves.


Girls’ Shorts, skirts, dresses, skorts, and jumpers should reach close to the knee or longer and be no shorter than 2” above the knee. Clothing may not have pictures or words, except that an item of clothing may contain a single logo no larger than two inches. Tops (shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts) may have patterns (e.g. stripes, plaid) but bottoms (dresses, skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers) must be solid colors. For practical reasons related to school activities, socks and shoes must be worn to school; no sandals or flip flops are allowed. Non-marking athletic footwear is required on P.E. days.


Shorts wearing will be allowable in warmer months only which is defined as - May/June/August/September.


All students are required to wear their logo uniform shirt each Wednesday.


While the above is our everyday uniform, we also have these occasional categories:

Field Trip Uniform:

On field trips, students will wear their logo uniform shirts for identity with our school. Students may wear their uniform khakis but are also permitted to wear jeans on most trips. There may be field trips where more formal dress is required; the teacher will stipulate that on the field trip permission forms.

On any week when there is a field trip, the field trip day counts as the logo uniform shirt day; it is not required to wear the logo shirts again on Wednesday of that week.


Formal Uniform:

On recitation nights, graduation, picture day, and any other formal occasion (i.e. giving a special report in class) students will wear their logo uniform shirts. Boys will wear belts with their navy or tan slacks. Girls will wear navy or tan skirts. All students will wear dress shoes and have their shirts tucked in.


P.E. Uniform (5th – 8th grades):

On P.E. days, the 5th – 8th graders must bring along the required P.E. uniform and change at school for P.E. class. The P.E. uniform is available on Land's End and consists of approved mesh shorts or sweatpants and t-shirt.


In order to streamline the implementation of the dress code, the school will keep dress code clothes on site.  If a student wears something outside of the dress code, that child will either change into proper dress code clothing or wait in the office until the parents bring dress code clothing for their child.  The intention here is to keep consistency so that students are not confused by some students in dress code and some not.

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