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We end every school year with a graduation ceremony for our 8th grade students. It is a joyous event marking this milestone in their lives and hearing how each of them have grown during their time at Providence.

Speech Excerpts

My years at Providence have been amazing. Providence has taught me so much about Christ, his Word, and his creation. Having devotions every morning, memorizing Bible verses every week, and in seventh and eighth grade doing Omnibus, have really helped me to better understand what it is that I believe. Just this past year I made my profession of faith. It was a long path but, in the end, with God’s help, I was able to proclaim to the world that I love the Lord.


One of the best things in seventh and eighth grade is Omnibus. Honestly, Omnibus changed my life. Having in-depth discussions helped me to more clearly see the world around me. One of the things I admire about my classmates is that we can have a really good argument. Omnibus forced us to really examine what it is that we believe and to defend that belief.


Selah Boer


During the last two years at Providence, my eyes were opened to the true mission of this school: to assist parents in their children’s education by teaching them with a classical, Biblical perspective to pursue truth, beauty, and goodness. In everything I learned, I saw this mission at play. In everything, God’s Word was incorporated. From memorizing scripture every day, to having in-depth conversations and debates on certain topics the Bible presents, I have been exposed to the good, true, beautiful God who created all things. His order and creativity in math, logic, and science. His power and faithfulness throughout history and in the Bible. His love and commitment to me as a Christian. Providence has shown me the truth in these things and I am very thankful for how it has impacted me these past nine years and prepared me for many years ahead. 


Liam Vander Woude



I have grown dramatically during my time at Providence. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs. I’ve had many obstacles and challenges. Even though it might seem like I’ve hit a brick wall, I’ve found a way to overcome it. It is important to remember where you came from and how much you have improved. I worked hard and know I have gotten a lot better. 


Not just at school, but also with your walk with God, it is important to recognize that it is a journey. There are times when you hit unexpected obstacles and other times you feel content. My parents, siblings, and teachers have given me a great head start to this journey. 


Ruairidh Wright

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