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We end every school year with a graduation ceremony for our 8th grade students. It is a joyous event marking this milestone in their lives and hearing how each of them have grown during their time at Providence.

Speech Excerpts

When you are little, you learn the song “Jesus loves me this I know,” but as you progress through the grades you start thinking, why would Jesus love me? I am a wretched sinner, and I am so dead in sin I can’t help myself. You feel the guilt of your sin hanging over you, but then you remember how Jesus bore your sins and died for you. At Providence, I learned that we have to live all for Jesus as a gratitude for what he has done.

Caleb Bruinsma


After grammar school [first to sixth grade], my shoes began walking on a new path: the path of logic school. My first year of logic school was hard. It was filled with a lot of reading, and logic school had a different way of thinking than grammar school. Instead of being told what to believe, I was asked and questioned about what I believed. Eventually I got used to this new way of thinking, and it became very comfortable. I learned how to better defend my beliefs and how to build arguments for them. I also learned what traps to watch out for, whether it be people trying to change my beliefs, false advertising, or false syllogisms.

Audrey Darling


When I was younger, I thought the Providence Mission Statement was just some long phrase with big words that was meant to impress parents. But it wasn’t until earlier this year that I really had to think about it. I found that I really loved what it says, and the picture it paints of education. I love the statement so much because it is truly important that a school trains how Providence trains students: with Christ at the center of everything. We as students are taught that God is present in all things, from math to music and from art to science. As Creator, God is in the midst of all things. Once I hit eighth grade, I grew to appreciate that He is in everything, and that His almighty hand was holding all things, including me.

Tessa Regnerus

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