Please join us for Recitation Night on March 26, 2020. There will be two performances, 1:30PM and 7:00PM. We hope to see you there!



In order to glorify God at Providence Christian Academy, we host Recitation Night.  This informative night is when we all worship God in singing His praises and when the students present what they have learned across the curriculum at our school.  This gives the students an encouragement that what they are doing here is important and worth sharing.  The students give an account of what they are learning.  This allows our parents, grandparents, and larger constituency to see what we are doing here on a big-picture basis.  It is also a good night to invite potential parents so they can get an idea of what is learned here to aid in their decision on joining us.


Foremost, you will always hear the recitation of Scripture.  We are teaching the students that the task they begin here of hiding God’s Word in their hearts is a task that will continue throughout their lives.  In addition, we try to give a broad picture of our curriculum.  There is an attempt made to touch on history, geography, phonics, math, science, poetry, music, and literature (just to name a few).  Undergirding our recitation is developing the students’ skills in recitation, presentation, and performance.  We bathe each Recitation Night in prayer.  Hopefully, you will be able to join us next time.