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We are excited to announce the inaugural Pre-K school year for 2022-23! Pam Timmer aided the board in setting the foundation. Ashley Noffsinger will slide in as the Pre-K teacher after teaching 1st and 2nd grade the last few years.

The preschool curriculum is designed to help facilitate in children a love of learning within a Christian and distinctly Reformed environment. It will aim to support Christian home life as well as prepare students for Kindergarten. 

The preschool class will be meeting in Suite C, which is part of our current building. This space is available, and there is a delightful room with castle doors that will lend itself to igniting children's imaginations. Inside, there will be stations like a kitchen and water table, and a book nook where children can "play" while they are growing their fine and gross motor skills as well as under girding academic learning. 

Pre-K will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays following the same school calendar as the grade school. School will be all day with the option to go home at lunchtime if a family so chooses. The "instructional" portion of the day will be in the morning. The afternoon will begin with a naptime and then have some guided play at the end. 

For more information on Pre-K, feel free to contact Ashley at

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