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What is classical Christian education?

Classical Christian education is an approach to training children that features the integration of all subject matters from a biblical perspective. This includes the study of traditional liberal arts, the use of primary texts, an emphasis on the great cultural works of western civilization and language study, which includes Latin. In its methods, classical Christian education seeks to tailor instruction to the natural inclinations of children at different stages of their development to maximize learning and the love of that learning.

What is your history and background?

Providence Christian Academy was founded in 2009 by parents who are members of churches in federations belonging to the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council. The school started with 6 students and 1 teacher in 2009. Currently, Providence has 54 students and 12 teachers. In 2013, Providence became a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. In 2018, Providence purchased a building in Dyer, Indiana.

What grade levels does Providence offer?

Providence offers a full academic program for pre-k through ninth grade. Lord willing we will add 10th grade for the 2023/2024 school year and continue to add 11th and 12th grade the subsequent years.


What is the student-teacher ratio?

Class sizes range from five to fifteen students at the current time. This low ratio is very beneficial to the students in that it allows significant personal attention from our teachers.


Can students in upper grades who haven’t studied Latin transition to Providence?

We strive to make accommodations for these students, such as having them audit Latin classes. We would be happy to discuss your child’s specific needs.


What is Providence's approach to homework?

Homework is a part of a well-rounded Providence education. Homework equips students in the necessary tools for learning, provides them with practice outside of the classroom, encourages them to work independently, and reinforces the concepts presented in class. The amount of time required to complete a homework assignment varies with the student's abilities. Evaluations will be made throughout the year to ensure that the level of homework is reasonable for students.


Do you administer standardized tests at Providence?

Yes, we administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) annually in grades 2-8 so we may measure our students' progress and compare their performance to schools across the nation. These assessments have been used in similar form nationally in both public and private schools since 1935. Our students consistently receive scores above their respective grade levels. Our philosophy is that standardized testing should be an assessment of the efficacy of our classroom instruction and curriculum, therefore students are not "prepped" for the test.

Does Providence offer financial aid or reduced tuition?

Providence does not currently offer financial aid. However, families with two or more children attending Providence do receive a tuition reduction. Please see our current tuition schedule.


Are there opportunities to visit or sit in on classes?

We would be happy to give you a tour of our facility and have you sit in on a class. To arrange a visit, please contact our principal, Melodie McKenzie, by calling 219.588.9090.


How do I apply?

Please download and review our application form.


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