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School Supplies


All the families contribute for the supply needs for the school.  Please see below for the list of supplies needed for each grade:




1 box of tissues from each student

Colored pencils

Color markers - washable, 12-20 count


Pencils - 10 or more (only wooden pencils for K-2nd)

Pencil case

Large erasers

Glue sticks – K-4th need 10 or more; 5th-8th need 2 or more


Gym shoes (and uniforms for 5th-8th) for gym days

Water Bottle *Note: Having your own refillable water bottle is a required school supply for every day.



3 pocket folders

Crayons (16 or 24 count)

Extra change of clothes & socks in labeled ziplock bag


1st-2nd Grade

6 pocket folders -- 1 should be vinyl

Crayons (16-24 count)

Extra change of clothes & socks in labeled ziplock bag (1st grade only)

3rd-8th Grade


Webster's Dictionary--not a children's dictionary

5 pocket folders -- 1 should be vinyl

1 pkg 5 colors ruled index cards (1/2 size are ideal)

Loose leaf notebook paper (no spirals please)

Red, black, and blue pens

Composition book for Bible verses (students may bring in previous year's book)

3-ring 1" binder (unnecessary for 4th & 5th grades)

4 book covers (2 medium and 2 large)


5th-6th Grade (additional items)

Graph paper (squares large enough for the child to write numbers in the boxes. No spirals please.)

3-ring 1.5" binder (in addition to the 1" one listed above)

Sticky notes - 2" square


7th-8th Grade (additional items)

Graph paper (no spirals please)

(2) 3-ring 1.5" binders (in addition to the 1" one listed above)

8 letter index dividers (preferably plastic with pockets)

3" x 5" index cards, 5 colors

8.5 x 11" (or around there) dry erase board

Dry erase marker

Clean sock (for an eraser)

Sticky note - flags for bookmarks and squares for notes

Scientific calculator -- Please get a TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Sliver Graphing Calculator.  Do not get a TI-83.


2 large spiral notebooks, optional, can be used along with binders for Omnibus class

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