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Welcome to the 7th-8th grade Drama web page!  Here you will find the upcoming drama challenges with due dates. Let's keep the creativity going while we are apart! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Typically, we spend the month of May working on Improv. Improv is short for improvisational theater. Basically, we perform scenes that are created on the spot, working without a script. In improv, actors have no idea what they’re going to do when they walk onstage—they are literally making everything up as they go along.


Improv has some basic rules by which almost all performers abide:


  • The first one is: Always say yes. If someone has an idea, agree with them and build upon what they have created. Never deny something another person has said! This rule is also known as “Yes, And.” 

  • Secondly, improv is, above all, a collaboration. Everyone has to work together and support one another for a scene to work.

  • Thirdly, in order for improv to work, the actors must stay in the moment. Improv actors can’t pre-plan the scene or what they will say, they need to listen and respond to what happens every single moment.


Saying yes, valuing teamwork, and staying in the moment: Those aren’t just good improv rules, they are great rules for LIFE. 


Drama Challenge #5: Watch and Evaluate Improvisational Theater

The hilarious, interactive improv series Show Offs gives its cast the chance to "show off" by performing a spontaneous improvised play or musical, prompted by random ideas from the audience and accompanied by a live band. Your challenge this week is to watch the following 30-minute episode of Show Offs and consider the following questions:


  • Do the actors incorporate “Yes, And” into their scenes?

  • Are the actors team players?

  • Does it seem as if the actors are pre-planning their scenes, or are they in the moment?


Episode: The Rose and the Buffoon (If you want to see more Show Offs episodes, click here.)



There is no need to respond to this last Drama Challenge. I hope you have all learned a lot through our work, not only in these last few weeks of Drama Challenges, but throughout our drama class all year. I am proud of the noticeable growth I have seen in each of you. Keep finding opportunities to be creative this summer and throughout your lives. ~Mrs. Darling



Past Drama Challenges

All the past drama challenges are posted in the slideshow below. To see larger images (which I recommend), click anywhere on the slide show. Enjoy! 

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